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15 free Digital marketing Resources that helps you to boost your business

digital marketing

Digital marketing , tools that will help every new digital marketer and business owner

Confused about which tools are right for you to build you own website and apply digital marketing techniques, here is a list of free tools and resources

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Digital marketing , a journey that will definitely inspire new digital marketers

digital marketing

Digital marketing , a journey that will definitely inspire new digital marketers

SEO is a long journey and there is no shortcut for that.If you spend the required effort and you are on a right track ,no body can beat you.

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Growth hacking tips- search engine marketing

Compare the advantages of Bing over Google AdWords

In this article you are going to understand the advantages of Bing Ads compared to Google.Eventhought the Google is very popular ,you still have an advantage using Bing ,one of the case study is published in this article.

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5 important tips that you should not forget before creating a landing page

5 important tips that you should not forget before creating a landing page

A good landing page design bring higher conversion rate when you are making Adwords campaign.A relevant landing page with SEO optimized ranks higher in google and this leads to higher return on investments.Proven guideline to increase the conversion rate

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How digital marketing can generate more leads for yoga studios

Different way of connecting with the right people to promote yoga

Case study of how to use digital marketing for promoting yoga studio or yoga centres

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Frequently asked questions on digital marketing

Common questions that most of the people ask about digital marketing

List of FAQ aims to help new digital marketers to get better overview about the topic and remove certain misconceptions

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Build your own Blog website for free using Joomla

One of the most powerful content management system (CMS) Jooma comes with a lot of features

Make use of Joomla and build your Blogs or business websites today.A step by step guide makes it easy for beginners.Get to know more about Joomla

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7 WordPress plugins must to have for every web designer

7 Best WordPress Plugins for building web sites

Thinking of creating your first website, here are some tips for website designers. It is always fun to create a new web site and see how creative you are .To challenge yourself with new ideas and better designs. Web design became simple when you know which tools to use.Find out 7 Most effective WordPress plugins

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Google analytics tool ĖDonít read this if you want less website traffic

google analytics tools

How to make use of google analytics tool for measuring website performance and traffic

Most of start-ups or small business owners invest heavily on website design and forget all about the data analytics part of it. Here are some expert tips on how to leverage google analytics tool for data mining of your web site.

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Guide for building your own website

Usefull resources for designing your own website

People are increasingly searching internet for information today , can you afford to lose on this opportunity? Are you aware of recent trends in consumer behaviour on internet while they browse websites. About 80% of the people search in search engines before deciding to buy products or services. 61% of them actually check the reviews of the brand.

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Web design - One most important advice for every business owner

Important tip before you start your web site design

I am going to advice you today important step that I missed to follow and got into troubles. Hope my advice will help some of you..



Web design

CMS - WodrPress based web design

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Responsive web design to suit all devices

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Search engine marketing (SEM)

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Google analytics

Integrating google analytics for already existing websites

Re marketing set ups based on google analytics

Support for analysis of traffic data


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